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What is the® Photographers’ Network?® is the first-in-industry web service dedicated solely to creating custom posters, graphics and designs EXCLUSIVELY for the amateur athlete. Our entire company has the singular focus of giving the local athlete “Professional Athlete Treatment @ Amateur Athlete Prices”.


In order to bring those posters and professional grade designs to the amateur athlete, having access to high quality photographs is critical. That’s where the  “® Photographers Network” comes into play.


The® “Photographers Network” is a network of passionate local sports photographers who capture memorable moments in the lives of the amateur athletes that live in their cities, states and hometowns. It is impossible to be at every game, every night, so instead of limiting the experience to the few areas where we have a presence, we decided to bring anyone who wanted in, into the fold!


For the benefits and opportunities from partnering with®, check out our “Reasons To Join” below.

Why should I join the® network?

Retain Your Copyright

Up To Four (4) Ways To Earn Revenue!

Be Featured On Our Social Media Accounts

Add To Your Resume / Client List

Have Your Photography Featured On Our Website Will Be Another Revenue Stream For The Work You're Already Doing

Get a % Of Poster Revenues

There's NO Risk. Only Opportunity.

AUDIBLZ Will Market Your Photos For You

Assignment Opportunities From AUDIBLZ

See Your Photos Turned into Professional Posters

Receive a FREE Digital Copy of ALL Posters Created Using Your Photos

The entire focus is exclusively on visual content with little to no focus on written content, articles, coverage, updates, etc. There are other sites that do a tremendous job creating written content & that use photos from freelancers to accompany their articles, but those companies simply do not have a focus on selling your photos as a core business function. AUDIBLZ will be very different in that regard. That is why our company will exist: To sell great photos and make great posters. The more people that come to the AUDIBLZ website to buy your photos, the more people we’ll eventually have buying custom posters. You win, we win! Over time, we aim to be the first and only brand for amateur athletics photography, designs and customizations.

Applying to become a member of the AUDIBLZ Photographers’ Network is EASY & FREE!

Applicants must be at least 18 years old in order to apply.


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